Learn To Build A Google Map App Using Angular 2

Google Maps have made navigation simpler, allowing people to simply putting names and locations and finding it by a simple tap of a few buttons. These days, almost all websites have Google Maps integrated to help their customers locate them.

Google Maps can now be easily integrated within websites, using nothing but a simple component, making it easier for developers to create Maps or add locations on their websites. You can learn how to integrate the Google Maps components in this short, but comprehensive project based course.

In this course, you will learn how to design a complete Map that allows you to add markers from scratch. The Map will allow you to add locations using latitude and longitude, as well as by simply clicking on the location on the map. You will also learn how to parse the data to local storage, so that it will stay even when the application is restarted.

A brilliant technology that you must definitely learn! So, let us get started!

MapIt - Google Maps App

Project Intro

Google MAP API

Google Maps Setup
Marker Display

Front End Coding

Map Functions & Events
Add Marker Form

Moving & Deleting Markers

Marker Service & LocalStorage
Updating and Deleting Markers

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Lectures: 7
Video: 1 hour
Level: Beginner