Learn HTML5 Stickys App Course

Learn HTML5 Programming by building projects with this HMTL5 Stickys App Mini Tutorial Course.

Currently employed by more 150 of the Fortune 500 U.S. companies, HTML5 is one of the most popular mark-up languages. The latest version of the HTML language, created by W3C in collaboration with Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG), was designed to simplify the process of creating web applications.

The latest version of HTML looks to modify the process of web app development and eliminate the need for multiple different technologies. It comes with many new syntactic features such as video, audio and canvas elements, as well as the integration of scalable vector graphics (SVG) content and MathML for mathematical formulas. New APIs and plugins are also added including canvas element for immediate mode 2D drawing, Drag-and-drop, Web Storage and so much more.

Enroll now and learn how to use these latest features and APIs by designing a Sticky Note App for the web browser.


Stickys App UI
Create Note Object
Drag and Drop Functions
Saving Notes and Debugging

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Lectures: 4
Video: 1.4 hours
Level: Beginner