Learn HTML5 Snake Game from Scratch

Learn HTML5, and master it by building an entire Snake Game from the ground up in this HTML5 Programming Mini Tutorial.

Currently one of the hottest mark-up language, HTML5 has been winning developers hearts since its launch in 2014. The language has not only made it easier for developers to create front-end web applications, but also comes with advanced features that the older versions lacked.

HTML5 comes with features such as semantic elements (header, footer, article, and section tags), form control attributes (number, date, time, calendar), graphic elements (svg and canvas tags) and even multimedia elements (audio and video tags). These changes makes life easier for all developers – new and old.

Learn HTMLs latest canvas tag by designing the classing game, Snake. This full-fledged course will break down all the concepts you need to know on how to make this game and also many other similar games, all you have to do is click Enroll.

Snake Game

Canvas Rectangles, Text and Lines
Animation and Circles
Snake Game UI – HTML
Snake Game UI – CSS
Snake Game Scripting 1
Snake Game Scripting 2

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Enrolled: 1 student
Lectures: 6
Video: 1.4 hours
Level: Beginner